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Marketing and Branding

At Go Fresh, we have garnered strong relationships over the years with many of Canada’s leading retailers. Our marketing experts work with our sourcing team to tailor programs that exceeds your sales objectives. From the big chains to the mom-and-pop shops, we have the reach and experience to represent your brand in the Canadian marketplace.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Our team works collaboratively to tailor programs that work, from seasonal programs to opportunity buys. Our marketing experts have the ability to create effective promotions at retail level that grab attention and generate repeat business.

Market Demos

With a strategic location at the Ontario Food Terminal, our demo program has the ability to reach an audience of ~5,000 registered buyers. This allows you an opportunity to engage your products with a broad customer base, spanning many  market segments.

Customized Packaging

We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all. Go Fresh has the ability to meet all of your packaging needs through customized giro & poly bagging, clamshell packs, and trays to compliment your brand, and drive just-in-time fresh solutions.

Private & Preferred Label

Working over the years with the world’s best growers, we have gained exclusive partnerships allowing us to be the premier source for their top brands. If you prefer private label, we can pack under our well established Go Fresh label or your in-house brand.